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Media Coverage

Check out #DontTaxMedicine in the media...

April 11, 2018: PEI Event Announcement (The Buzz)

April 5, 2018: On Queen Street: New CEO, new chapter for medical cannabis group (Lobby Monitor)

April 2, 2018: Medical cannabis users cannot afford the weed that’s keeping them healthy—and legalization won’t help (This Magazine - Cover Story)

April 2, 2018: Medical marijuana users set lobbying push on federal cannabis tax proposal (Canadian Press)

March 29, 2018: Quick Hits with James O’Hara (Business of Cannabis)

March 26, 2018: Valleriani: Medical cannabis shouldn't be subject to tax (Ottawa Citizen)

March 6, 2018: Tax on medical marijuana 'unfortunate,' says P.E.I. grower

March 2, 2018: Ottawa estimates $100-million in excise tax revenue first full year of cannabis sales (Globe and Mail)

March 1, 2018: Canada Doubles Down On Medical Marijuana Tax But Exempts Certain Products (Civilized)

February 28, 2018: Canadian Budget Reveals Taxation Plans for Cannabis (Cannabis Investing News)

February 27, 2018: Budget 2018: Medical cannabis advocates “outraged” by excise tax (Lift)

February 22, 2018: Why patients pay taxes on medical marijuana—and have trouble getting it covered by insurance (Healthy Debate)

February 12, 2018: Patients say there’s a ‘difference’ between medical and recreational pot (Canadian Press)

January 30, 2018: Patients decry looming cannabis tax (Georgia Straight)

January 25, 2018: HANLON: Medical pot patients plan protest at finance minister's office (Toronto Sun)

January 25, 2018: Quick Hits with Jonathan Zaid (Business of Cannabis)

January 25, 2018: Medical marijuana patients to protest excise tax at Morneau’s office (iPolitics)

January 22, 2018: CFAMM to protest ACMPR excise tax in Toronto (Lift)

January 19, 2018: The case against taxing medical cannabis (IRPP Policy Options)

January 4, 2018: Où et quand pourra-t-on acheter du cannabis au Québec? (Huffington Post QC)

January 2, 2018: Recreational pot puts medicinal marijuana on the backburner just as demand explodes (Financial Post)

December 20, 2017: Medical users fear legalized recreational pot may leave them behind in puff of smoke (Canadian Press)

December 19, 2017: Are Too Many Canadian Medical Marijuana Patients “Faking It”? (Leafly)

December 15, 2017: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Medical Marijuana (City - Breakfast Television)

December 12, 2017: Taxing Medical Marijuana Is 'Discriminatory,' Say Canadian Doctors Speaking Out Against Fed Plan (Civilized)

December 12, 2017: Marijuana deal with federal government means money for municipalities, Wynne says (Canadian Press)

December 11, 2017: Doctors call on Ottawa to exempt medicinal marijuana from sales, excise tax (Canadian Press)

December 10, 2017: 'Already hurting enough': Pain patient challenges plan to tax medical marijuana (Metro News Edmonton)

December 7, 2017: Taxing Medical Cannabis Hurts Vulnerable Patients (The Hill Times)

December 7, 2017: Sin Tax on Cannabis Disproportionately Hurts Medical Users (The Lawyer’s Daily)

December 7, 2017: Advocacy Group Calling for the End of Taxing Medical Marijuana (News 1130)

December 5, 2017: A taxing problem: how to price, tax legal weed to stamp out the black market (The Canadian Press)

December 4, 2017: An Open Letter To ACMPR Medical Cannabis Patients (National Post)

December 4, 2017: Feds willing to give more pot tax revenue to provinces to help municipalities (Canadian Press)

December 1, 2017: Op-Ed: Somebody please explain why Ottawa is taxing medical cannabis (iPolitics)

November 30, 2017: CFAMM and NDP MP Don Davies Press Conference (CPAC)

November 20, 2017: Feds’ proposed tax on medical marijuana will only make the opioid crisis worse (NowToronto)

November 17, 2017: Hanlon: Liberals promises on marijuana ‘up in smoke’ (Toronto Sun)

November 16, 2017: A Taxing Situation (CTV London)

November 15, 2017: Widespread opposition to medical cannabis tax now includes dispensary association (Lift News)

November 15, 2017: Canada Wants to Tax Medical Cannabis. Get Ready for a Fight (Leafly)

November 13, 2017: Medical cannabis patients fight back against government’s pot tax plan (CTV Atlantic)

November 13, 2017: Inclusion of medical marijuana in government’s tax plan for cannabis criticized (Benefits Canada)

November 12, 2017: Canadian Government Calls for Excise Tax on Both Recreational and Medical Cannabis (Rootie)

November 11, 2017: Alberta cannabis producer calls proposed taxation of medical marijuana a ‘major mistake’ (630CHED)

November 11, 2017: Proposed marijuana taxes too high, says Whitehorse proponent (CBC North)

November 10, 2017: Pallister, patients groups slam Liberals’ cannabis tax proposals (iPolitics)

November 10, 2017: Pot taxes could add up to $1 billion and would be split with the provinces: Ottawa (Toronto Star)

November 10, 2017: Ottawa adding 50-cent tax to gram of weed, provinces can join in; Pallister says revenue not the priority (Winnipeg Free Press)

November 10, 2017: Ottawa’s plan to slap a new tax on medical cannabis sparks outage (Globe and Mail)

November 10, 2017: Ottawa’s plan for excise tax on medical marijuana draws ire of patients, producers (The Canadian Press)


Note: This list does not include most radio interviews (est. 25+ related to #DontTaxMedicine